Best Tips for Instagram 2019

Marketing Tip & Tools

Let’s get this right from the start, Instagram is all about beautiful images.


1. Having a content plan or what I call swimming lanes of topics.
Example, for a food channel you might have 4 main topics like Home Cooking, Dining Out, New Products and Food Facts. By having these swimming lanes it makes it easier to plan and organize your posts to fill your content calendar.

Please always think of your post in advance with a content planner. The reason  is to make your post look organized so they don’t look odd as some images do not look go beside each other.


I use Planoly and find its the best platform

Best tools to use:

  • Planoly
  • Buffer
  • Preview



2. Take Portrait Photos from a little farther away so you can zoom in as you like
Reminder, when you take photos on your phone here are some tricks, always shoot Portrait for Instagram and Landscape for Youtube and Facebook. You will find when you take the perfect photo and share to Instagram it is too zoom in so make sure to back up the photo to accommodate the auto zoom to make sure you can control how it fits in the 1:1 ratio

3. Always take a quick video in Portrait for each post for a story
You will see that stories are getting more then 10x the exposure then posts these days, so take advantage of promoting your post with stories by giving more content by video.

4. Tagging products can not be posted
Make sure if you are selling using Facebook shop and Instagram, then only tag the photos that you will not use promotions with, so depending how many followers you have and how much promotions you do, you can determine the frequency of tagging your product.

5. Use as many Hashtags as you can and tag as many people as you can
Adding people with tags will improve your visibility and using hashtags that get traffic is best practice. If you are tagging product maybe not tag people as it will look messy.

6. Engage with your audience and leave thoughtful comments on post on your feed
Leaving comments will definitely improve your visibility as people will like your comments and check your profile out.

7. Direct Message People
Reaching out to people by DM is a good way to build relationships and cross promote to other channels.

8. Add more then 1 link to your Bio
Use “Link Tree” to create multiple links from Instagram bio and made a video for you to to learn below.

Watch this video and find out how to create multiple links for your followers to choose from. Drive traffic to specific pages with 1 link. The company is named and NO this is not a sponsored video BUT it’s so cool I wanted to share with you and get you using it today. The setup is required on a desktop but worth the 2 minutes to do it. Hope you enjoyed the video and go subscribe if you want to see more of my videos. Find me on social @dotcomdom and thanks for watching.