Super Year 2023 “Thank You”

🚀 Reflecting on an extraordinary year at Salient Medical! 🌟 In just 12 months, our team achieved what many deemed impossible. Leading the Marketing efforts, it’s been an exhilarating journey of pushing boundaries and sculpting the future.

From driving the comprehensive branding of groundbreaking medical devices to introducing innovative products in Canada like the RxSight—The Only Light Adjustable Lens allowing post-procedure prescription changes—we’ve made monumental strides and even earned the title of Distributor of the Year. Let’s not forget introducing the world’s fastest PRP Mesotherapy Injection Gun for anti-aging and hair restoration.

We’ve elevated skincare with PCA Skin’s new products Nutrient Toner, B3, and championed EltaMD, now North America’s #1 dermatologist-recommended sunscreen. The revamped website,, and stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation. Take a peek and share your thoughts; your feedback fuels our growth!

Venturing into the science behind skincare with CP Health in Columbia for the Americas Annual Conference. This experience led to the creation of Salient Academy, set to launch in 2024—an educational powerhouse empowering distributors, clinics, and estheticians. Developed with easy-to-use videos, quizzes, and lessons available 24/7, even on mobile devices.

Our newly created and interactive Bright Light Box trade show booth featuring before and after sliders on touch screens were showcased across Canada—Montreal, Toronto, Calgary—and proved thrilling, revealing our advancements.

As we gear up for 2024, exciting plans are on the horizon—the launch of the new Academy and a next-generation advanced E-commerce platform. We’re eyeing upcoming shows in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and eagerly anticipating the ESI Beauty Expo Show.

Remember, success is a collective effort. A massive thank you to my incredible team, supportive friends, and family who’ve been unwavering pillars of strength. As David Goggins aptly says, “There is no finish line.” Let’s persist in pushing boundaries and embracing the journey ahead!

Here’s to a successful and healthy 2024 filled with growth and prosperity for us all! 💫✨

What are your thoughts, insights, or favorite learnings from this year? Your contributions matter—feel free to share below! Let’s continue this journey together. 👇