Vision Session

Company Future Vision Session

Take your company in the future by sharing your vision clearly and hit your goals in half the time. This session provides your team with new energy that is exciting and will create momentum, confidence & develop a better team synergy guarantee.

If you don’t know where you are going, You’ll end up somewhere else. “Yogi Bear”.

The Future session is design to take you into the future by 2 or 3 years by managing language and thoughts with your executive team in a positive way. Imagine being able to think of the future of your business without the dizzy conversations of yes we can do that but don’t have this. In this exercise you will be able to dream big and identify hurdles and obstacles in a professional and organize way.

  1. Future Thinking
  2. Identify Obstacles
  3. Develop Action Plan
  4. Accomplishments

Future Thinking
In the Future thinking session is only allowed positive thinking of where you see the company going towards using language like, we created, we partnered with, we’ve established, been featured in this magazine, recognized as etc etc.

Identifying Obstacles
This is where everyone can be negative about why we can’t get there such as, we don’t have enough resources, we don’t have enough money, we have never done this before etc etc.

Developing an Action Plan
This is a self delegating process that the best person in the group with self elect themselves to the task in from of the team with a due date.

This section is where we collect all accomplishments and this is where you can really see who is doing the work and pushing the project forward.


I can do session in person and online, ideally it works in a boardroom setting with a whiteboard with your executive team.


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